Christmas is our favorite time of year!!

It was a clear cool November evening in 1981. Through the door of Ray "Rock" Lewandowski's Liberty Lounge we could hear the festive crowd waiting for our next set. Cindy's eyes glowed with the reflection of the Wendy's sign across the street as she turned to me and said, "The Fan Club is getting larger every week. We should do something to thank them." Looking particularly dapper in his gray suit, Crusher offered to personally thank all of the female members. Suddenly, Pete spoke up... "Why don't we do a Christmas Record and send it out free to the Fan Club Members? And then, 18 years from now we'll record it on a computer twice the size of the
Liberty Lounge, except it'll be shrunk down so far it'll fit on a desk, and we'll get a million dollar laser beam and shrink it to the size of a pinhead and put it in the record player, only instead of a record it'll be a small silver disk that can play over an hour's worth of music!"

Well, obviously he was crazy, but we thought we'd give it a try anyway.

It's impossible to describe the fun it's been making these
Christmas Records. Recording them is like a family reunion. We laugh and
joke and drink and sing with people we love.
I'm not sure life gets any
better than that.

candy canes


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Christmas Record #29

Christmas Favorites
A selection of Fan Club favorites from the last 30 years!

1. I'm Mad At Santa
2. Spend A Little Christmas With You
3. Santa Hitched a Ride (In An Old Chevrolet)
4. Time To Decorate The Neighborhood
5. Christmas All Over me
6. Milk & Cookies
7. Snata Claus Needs Some Lovin' Too
8. Song For Pete
9. Merry Christmas America
10. I Wanna Be Santa's Present
11. Please Come Home
12. Good Little Girl
13. Waiting Just For YouYou
14. This Christmas

Christmas Record #29
Christmas Record #30
30 Years! 100 Songs! 4 CDs!
This fabulous Christmas Collection features
ALL your Flashcat Christmas favorites
from the last 30 years,
plus 2 brand new songs!

Christmas Record #29
"Christmas Is Calling"
3 Brand New Songs
and a bunch of others that we love!

1. Christmas Is Calling
2. Reindeer Fly (It's Christmastime For Sure)
3. I'm Ridin' Shotgun With Santa
4. That's When I'll Stop Believin' (in Santa Claus)
5. She's The One
6. Bed
7. Fly, Santa, Fly
8. This Christmas
9. Santa Hitched a Ride (In An Old Chevrolet)
10. The Christmas Dance
11. Our Christmas Wish For You
12. Aluminum
13. Spending It With You
14. Merry Christmas America
15. Song For Pete
16. Proud To Be A Flashcat Fan

Christmas 28 CD
Christmas Record #28
Christmas Flashcat Style!
It's our 28th Christmas Record!

1. Bed
2. She's The One
3. Fly, Santa, Fly
4. That's When I'll Stop Believin' (in Santa Claus)
5. This Christmas


Christmas 27 CD
Christmas Record #27
You Can't Stop 'Em!
27 Years of Holiday Songs
from The Flashcats!

1. Santa Hitched a Ride (In An Old Chevrolet)
2. Countdown to Christmas
3. Santa Loves Everyone
4. The Christmas Dance

Flashcats Christmas #26 CD
"Hey Santa!"
Celebrate Christmas
with The Flashcats'
26th Christmas release!

1. Hey, Santa!
2. I Believe
3. (Gonna Go) North For The Snow
4. The Night Before Christmas

Christmas 25 CD
Christmas Record #25
25, 25 25 Great Years!
The Flashcats 25th
Christmas Record!

1. 25, 25, 25 Great Years
2. Turn Up The Furnace
3. Cajun Christmas
4. 25 Christmas Records
5. Silver Bells



Got Egg Nog?
"Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas"
from The Flashcats!

1. That's How You Know
That It's Christmas
2. Egg Nogg
3. Little Strummer Boy
4. A Babe Is Born
5. Egg Nogg Live


Must Be Christmas, Let's Eat!
3 fun, new songs and
an old holiday favorite
from The Flashcats!

1. Must Be Christmas, Let's Eat!
2. Supersonic Santa
3. I Love The Snow
4. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Christmas Record #22
Our Christmas Wish For You
5 brand new songs
to celebrate the season
from The Flashcats!

1. Aluminum
2. Our Christmas Wish For You
3. Please Baby Come Home
4. I'm a Little Christmas Light
5. Joy, Hope, Peace On Earth-
That's What Christmas is All About


Christmas Record #21
Proud To Be A Flashcat Fan
4 new holiday songs from
Pittsburgh's most fan-friendly band,
The Flashcats!

1. I'm Proud To Be A Flashcat Fan
2. Song For Pete
3. Merry Christmas America
4. Spending It With You

Christmas Record #20
Two decades of
Flashcat Christmas Records!

Hear three new Christmas songs
from the 'Cats, plus several
favorites from years past!

1. Applause For Mrs. Claus
2. Christmas All Over Me
3. Hey Oh! Ho! Ho! Ho!
4. Time to Decorate the Neighborhood
5. Santa's in His Sleigh (Santa's on His Way)
6. Santa Shimmy
7. Milk & Cookies
8. Night Before Christmas
9. I Wanna Be Santa's Present
10. Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin' Too
11. Merry Merry Christmas

#19 - 1999
Xmas 19
Contains "December Twenty 5,"
found on Rhino Records'
Mambo, Santa, Mambo!

1. La Santa Loca
2. This Year I'm Shopping on Ebay(TM)
3. Spend a Little Christmas With You
4. December Twenty 5


 #18 - 1998
Xmas 18
This CD contains the best of
(and most of!) The Flashcats
Christmas releases #11-17,
and all the new songs
for Christmas 1998.

 1. Ho Ho Ho Means Santa's Comin'
2. I Wanna Be Santa's Present
3. Christmas Should Be All Year Long
4. This is the Year They Cloned Santa Claus
5. Milk & Cookies
6. Good Little Girl
7. I'm Mad at Santa
8. Kringle in the Wind
9. Tamagotchi
10. This Year I Won't Fall Asleep
11. (My Baby Drives A) Salt Truck
12. Waiting Just for You
13. He's an Online Santa Claus
14. Santa's in His Sleigh (Santa's on His Way)

 15. Hark! I Hear an Angel Singing!
16. Time to Decorate the Neighborhood
17. Green Christmas
18. Endless Love (Michael & Lisa Marie)
19. Comes to Me Naturally
20. El Kringle (The NAFTA Song)
21. (I Can Hear Him Comin') It's Santa Claus
22. Song of Christmas
23. Feliz Navidad
24. I Wish it Would Snow
25. Ho! Ho! Ho! (Live at the Highland House)
26. Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin' Too

#17 - 1997
 Xmas 17

1. Kringle In The Wind
2. Mrs. Claus is a Very Nice Girl
3. I'm Mad at Santa
4. Tamagotchi

#16 - 1996
Xmas 16

1. Waitin' Up for Santa
2. Salt Truck
3. Waiting Just For You
4. It's Christmas/Santa Comes But Once a Year


 #15 - 1995
Xmas 15

1. He's an Online
Santa Claus
2. Santa's in His Sleigh
(Santa's on His Way)
3. My Favorite Holiday
4. Hark! I Hear an Angel Singing!

 #14 - 1994
Xmas 14

1. Time to Decorate the
Neighborhood (Version 1)
2. Endless Love (Version 1)
3. Green Christmas
4. It Comes to Me Naturally
5. Time to Decorate the
Neighborhood (Version 2)
6. Endless Love (Version 2)

 #13 - 1993
Xmas 13

1. El Kringle
2. (I Can Hear Him Comin') It's Santa Claus
3. Song of Christmas
4. Pete Unplugged

 #12 - 1992
 Xmas 12

Feliz Navidad (Lawp Yer Reb Nyah)
2. I Wish it Would Snow

 #11 - 1991
Xmas 11

1. Santa Needs Some
Lovin' Too
2. Ho! Ho! Ho!
(Live at The Highland House)

 #10 - 1990
Xmas 10

1. Modern Claus
2. Lionel Train
3. Raise Your Voices
4. Jingle Bells
5. White Tennis Shoes
6. Silver Bells/Blue Christmas
7. Flashcats Christmas Presents
8. I'm a Snowman
9. I Really Like Sleigh Rides
10. Blow, Santa, Blow
11. Waitin' For Santa
12. Stocking Full of Love
13. Carol of the Cash Register

14. Santa Shimmy
15. Night Before Christmas-Take 1
16. Night Before Christmas-Take 2
17. Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus
18. Merry Merry Christmas
19. Christmas Time Around the World
20. Together in Our Hearts
21. I Want a Girl for Christmas
22. It Was a Good Year

#9 - 1989 
Xmas 9

1. I Want a Girl For Christmas
2. I'll Get Home For Christmas
3. On the Road With The Flashcats

  #8 - 1988
Xmas 8

1. Dear Santa
2. Winter Wonderland
3. Together in Our Hearts

#7 - 1987
Xmas 7

1. Who Says There Ain't no Santa Claus
2. Merry Merry Christmas
3. Christmas Time Around the World


#6 - 1986
Xmas 6

1. Santa Shimmy
2. Carol of the Cash Register
3. Night Before Christmas-Take 1

4. Night Before Christmas-Take 2

#5 - 1985
Xmas 5

1. Waitin' For Santa
2. Stocking Full of Love

  #4 - 1984
Xmas 4

1. Blow Santa Blow
2. Cats Go Shopping

#3 - 1983
Xmas 3

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Frosty Meets Miss Cindy

 #1 - 1981
Xmas 1

1. Jingle Bells
2. White Tennis Shoes

#2 - 1982
Xmas 2

1. Silver Bells/Blue Christmas
2. Flashcats Christmas Presents

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 candy canes  All of The Flashcat Christmas Records are produced by Carl M. Grefenstette. candy canes

Regardless of your religious persuasion Christmas is the time of year to be with friends and family, and realize what they mean to you. In this hectic world it's easy to get caught up in work and business, and lose sight of what's really important: music...and love. Like everyone, we in The Flashcats have had good times and bad times each year, we laugh and cry. And maybe sometimes a month or two will pass before we see each other. That doesn't matter, we're still connected. We're friends. We're family. I hope your Holidays are fun and joyous. And I hope you have a chance to get together with your friends, to sing and dance and play music. Some friends are casual, some share your soul. Love them all, they are all important. Even if the religious significance of this season isn't for you, the spirit of the season is for everyone. It's love.


Pictures from the 2001 Flashcats Christmas Show at Jergels


recording Christmas #20
The Flashcats rehearse for a Christmas show!


Carl, Miss Cindy, Dave, and Jim
at a recording session for Christmas Record #27!


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