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 "On the Road with the Flashcats,"
a hilarious, high-octane adventure
through a night on the road with the Flashcats and their crew, has even been heard on the Dr. Demento show!
Now, for the first time anywhere, you can get in on the fun too!

Presenting the Official
Flashcats Online Coloring Book!

Just print out this page, and you can color along with scenes and lyrics from the song!

 book & crayons

 Driving the truck

Drivin' the truck, with Betsy & Joe
Playin' the tapes of last night's show
Lookin' for a bar on a map Carl drew,
We don't know where we are,
We're The Flashcats Road Crew

We're Lookin' For The Club,
We're Lookin' For The Club
Hope we're goin' the right way,
Hope we find it today
Lookin' for the club where we're gonna play

 Joe You'll Have To Carry That Amp,
Carry That Amp A Long Way

Oh, it's got a lotta stairs, but I don't care
I've seen Betsy lift old blue all by herself
with one hand tied behind her

 Carry that amp

 wires, wires
Wires, Wires, I wonder where they all go
Wires, Wires, I hope that nothin' explodes
We've got 2 tons of PA, lights and lots of props
Wires, Wires, got set em all up

 Got A Black Magic Marker,
Time to make up the song list
Should we do last night's set or
rearrange all of the songs?
It really doesn't matter,
Carl will change it all as we go along...

 black magic marker

 Cindy sings
Funny how time goes on,
ain't it funny how time goes on
I just love to play guitar and
sing you another song

 Tea bags and props,
the sound of a car crash
Ten tons of sand
we used for the beach bash
Those nose dives of Pete's
sure made a big splash
It's great to have
the friends of The Flashcats!

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