The Flashcats 

Anyone who remembers the Beatles' album Yesterday and Today with its now-famous "Butcher Cover" can't help but be tickled by the Flashcats' tribute to the greatest band of our time. Here are images of the original version, which, unlike the Flashcats' Yesterday, can only be "peeled" once!


 Beatles Butcher cover
The original cover, as proposed by the Beatles. Tired of the "same old photo shoot" pictures, the boys decided to try something new. A limited number of records were actually released with this picture before Capitol Records re-released the album with a new, less offensive cover.

 trunk cover-up
The now-famous cover-up! Here's the cover that was pasted over the "butcher" picture, resulting in a great musical collectible.

For more about the Beatles and the butcher cover, click here! 

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