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The Flashcats - Christmas Favorites!

A 14-song collection of Fan Club favorites from
three decades of Flashcat Christmas Records!

Fun rockin' songs... to touching ballads.
Sing-along with The Flashcats this Christmas!

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Only $8.95
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Plus! On DVD: The History of The Flashcats!

DVDPete Cover

This DVD was originally released in 2001 and it's narrated by Flashcat trumpet player, singer and comedic ringleader, the late Sweet Pete Loria. Hear Pete describe the history of the band... from an odd ad in a newspaper to the stages of Los Angeles.

Tons of vintage live footage, including performances with the legendary Bull Moose Jackson. Those were exciting and dynamic days and Pete describes them as only he could!

Plus hilarious outtakes and a director's commentary!

The re-release is dedicated to the memory of Sweet Pete and singer/bass player Jim Jr Fanning. Jim passed away in late 2013, which brought to a close the 34-year history of the fabulous Flashcats. But we still have wonderful memories of those two great guys. We miss them and love them. And this DVD reminds us of the fun times we shared!

DVD Only $9.95
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Flashcat Christmas Record #32 - Video 1

Flashcat Christmas Record #32 - Video 2

"Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin' Too" (Carl Grefenstette, Will Ferchak) Wino Music, BMI
©2012 Bogus Records, Inc

"Time To Decorate The Neighborhood" (Betsy Gerson) Wino Music, BMI
©2012 Bogus Records, Inc
Flashcats: Carl, Jim, & Dave
Honorary Flashcats: Betsy, Amy, Will F., Alfred G. & Davey Rocket

Produced & Edited by Carl; Recorded by Hank; Filmed by Karen M & Pat B

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